With a team of highly qualified and experienced lawyers in litigation at the court, KAV Lawyers’ lawyers are proud of successfully protecting the legitimate rights and interests of many domestic and foreign clients.

With that advantage, KAV Lawyers provides clients with dispute resolution services as follows:

  • Advising on the forms of dispute resolution in general as well as the form of lawsuits in particular to maximize the legal rights and interests of clients.
  • Advising and representing for clients to participate in dispute resolution during the negotiation and mediation period at the courts.
  • Advising and represent for clients to participate in dispute resolution in all stages of trial at the competent court.
  • Advising and representing for clients during judgment enforcement phase.

Typical disputes that KAV Lawyers’ lawyers have advised and represented for clients to resolve disputes including:

Disputes on real estate

– Resolving disputes on land use rights with state agencies, with other individuals and organizations;

– Resolving disputes on real estate investment and business activities, real estate business projects;

– Resolving disputes on deposit contracts, land use right transfer contracts, house purchase and sale contracts, agreements on transfer of commercial house purchase and sale contracts, land lease contracts, ground lease contracts for business and production, construction contracts…

– Resolving disputes on capital contribution with land use rights, ownership of houses and other assets attached to land.

Disputes on labor

– Resolving disputes between employees and employers on labor discipline, unilaterally terminating illegal labor contracts, material liability, probation contracts, labor contracts, training contracts, allowances when terminating labor contracts…;

– Resolving labor disputes on settlement of labor policies such as: salary, insurance, working conditions…;

Disputes on internal enterprise

– Resolving disputes on evaluation of assets contributed as capital, disputes on the transfer or repurchase of shareholders’ shares, capital contributions of members of the company…;

– Resolving disputes on rights of management, administration, investment, expansion investment, joint venture, stocks and shares issuance, profit distribution, M&A, separation, partial division and dissolution of enterprises.

Disputes on civil rights

– Resolving inheritance disputes such as: heritage division, heritage determination, determination of heirs, determination of the validity of the will…

– Resolving disputes on civil contracts among individuals such as property loan contracts, lease contracts, sale and purchase contracts, business cooperation contracts, property donation contracts, mortgage contracts…

Disputes on marriage and family

– Resolving property disputes between husband and wife when divorcing;

– Resolving child custody disputes when divorcing, requesting to change the person directly nurturing children after divorcing; child benefit…;

– Resolving disputes on identification of fathers, mothers and children.

Disputes on commercial business

– Resolving disputes related to service provision contracts, goods purchase and sale contracts…;

– Resolving disputes on payment activities, compensation for damages and fines for violations in commercial activities.

Disputes on M&A

– Resolving disputes on labor, intellectual property, tax, finance, real estate and other issues arising in M&A activities;

– Resolving disputes on management and administration rights after M&A activities;

– Resolving disputes on mergers and acquisitions contracts.

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