In life, no one wants themselves or their relatives to fall into the circle of “criminal liability”. But if you or your relatives are unfortunately in that situation, please contact KAV Lawyers immediately. With a team of professional and experienced criminal lawyers in participating in all stages of criminal proceedings, KAV Lawyers will quickly appoint lawyer(s) to protect rights and legitimate interests for you or your relatives in the most effective way.

As a defence of clients, based on the rights and obligations of defences, KAV Lawyers’ lawyers will perform the following tasks to protect clients’ legal rights and interests in the most maximum way:

  1. To be present when taking the statements of the arrested person, detainee, when interrogating the internee and if the competent person agrees, lawyers can ask the arrested person, detainee, internee. After each time of taking testimonies and interrogations of competent persons, the defences may ask the arrested persons, detainee or internee;
  2. To be present in confrontation, identification, voice recognition and other investigative activities in accordance with the criminal procedure code;
  3. Reading the minutes of the proceedings having lawyers’ participation, the procedural decisions related to the person defended;
  4. Proposing to change persons having competence to carry out proceedings, assessors, property valuers, interpreters and translators; proposing to change, cancel preventive measures, coercive measures;
  5. Proposing conducting proceedings according to the provisions of the criminal procedure code; proposing to summon witnesses, other procedural participants, persons having competent to conduct legal proceedings;
  6. Collecting, giving evidences, documents, objects, requests to protect the person defended;
  7. Reading, recording and copying the documents in the case file from the end of the investigation to serve the defense according to the provisions of law;
  8. Examining, evaluating and presenting opinions on related evidence, documents and objects and requesting competent persons to conduct proceedings for examination and evaluation;
  9. Having the right to clarify elements to determine the innocence of the detainees, the internees, the accused; to reduce the criminal liability of the internees, the accused.
  10. Proposing competent agencies to conduct proceedings to collect evidence, additionally assess, re-assess, re-evaluate assets;
  11. Participating in questioning and debating at the trial to protect the rights and interests of the persons defended;
  12. Complaining about procedural decisions and acts of agencies or persons having competent to conduct proceedings;
  13. Appealing the judgment or decision of the court if the accused is a person under the age of 18 or/and has mental or physical disadvantages as prescribed by the criminal procedure code.

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