Corporate Governance and compliance are the framework of rules and practices make the company’s management apparatus to ensure responsibility, fairness and transparency in the relationship between the company and all related parties (including financial sponsors, clients, managers, employees, state management agencies and communities).

KAV Lawyers provides its clients with legal services on governance and compliance as follows:

  • Advising to choose the organizational model of the enterprise before establishing.

Clients are advised to choose an appropriate organizational model to the scale, the investment capital, current and future development goals of the enterprise. Advising clients on each step of developing the enterprise scale corresponding to each development stage.

  • Comprehensive advice on governance and compliance after establishing an enterprise

Clients will be advised comprehensively on governance as well as compliance with the law to thereby minimize or prevent legal risks for enterprises such as criminal liability, civil liability, administrative liability as well as other risks that adversely affect the image, brand, reputation of the enterprise.

  • Advising, drafting and reviewing internal regulations of an enterprise.

In order for the organizational structure of the enterprise to be operated flexibly, stably and under control, enterprises need to issue a number of internal regulations to operate the apparatus of the enterprise such as financial regulations, working regulations of the Control Board, working regulations of the Board of Directors, working regulations of the Board of Management… KAV Lawyers will advise and draft these internal regulations upon request of the enterprise and on the basis of compliance with the law.

  • Internal investigation

Advising and representing for clients to carry out internal investigation activities in a flexible and clever manner to ensure business activities of enterprises still take place normally. Simultaneously, advising the plan of handling violations for enterprises (if any).

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