Contracts play a very important role, it is the “adjustment law” in transactions between the parties. Therefore, before engaging in civil transactions in general and transactions in commercial business activities in particular, clients need to understand the basic terms of the contract, the relevant legal provisions used to adjust the contract… to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of clients, limit and anticipate risks that may occur to clients in such transactions. Simultaneously, in order to avoid the situation of void contracts due to violating the prohibition regulations of the law or contrary to social morality…

With a team of lawyers and associates knowledgeable in various legal areas, KAV Lawyers will provide comprehensive support for clients in advising, drafting and reviewing contracts; supporting for clients in the process of negotiation, conclusion, implement and termination of contracts in civil transactions in general and in commercial business activities in particular.

KAV Lawyers provides clients with legal services in the area of contract consultancy as follows:

  1. Advising the relevant provisions of the law and the application of these provisions in drafting and reviewing terms in contract types.
  2. Advising and participating in negotiation stages to sign contracts together with clients.
  3. Drafting and reviewing contracts on the basis of client’s requests and in accordance with the law, to ensure maximum benefits of clients and balance the interests of the parties in the contract.
  4. Advising other relevant legal issues based on the provisions of the law on contracts at the request of clients.
  5. Advising on contract dispute resolution.

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