Consultancy on establishment, dissolution… of enterprises is one of the common legal services currently. With a team of experienced lawyers and associates in this field, KAV Lawyers believes that we will provide Clients with legal services quickly, economically and effectively.

Accompanying with enterprises throughout the period from establishment, operation and development, KAV Lawyers provides Clients with typical legal services on enterprises as follows:

  1. Advising and implementing procedures for establishing domestic enterprises.
  2. Advising and implementing procedures for establishing foreign-invested enterprises.
  3. Advising and drafting internal documents in relation to shareholders, capital contributing members.
  4. Advising and implementing procedures: establishing representative offices, branches, business locations for domestic enterprises and foreign-invested enterprises.
  5. Advising and implementing procedures to establish representative offices and branches of foreign enterprises in Vietnam.
  6. Advising and implementing the registration procedures of changes in enterprise registration information and investment registration information.
  7. Advising and carrying out procedures for terminating operation of dependent units of enterprises (branches, representative offices, business locations) or dissolution of enterprises.
  8. Advising and implementing procedures for conversion of enterprise types.
  9. Advising and implementing procedures for transferring shares, contributing capital …

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