KAV Lawyers is a full service law firm in Vietnam and towards international standards and global legal practice. KAV Lawyers provide a wide range of legal services, including legal advice and opinion, dispute resolution and other services.

KAV Lawyers is founded by Kieu Anh Vu, Esq. – a lawyer with more than 10 years of practicing law in Vietnam. In addition, KAV Lawyers has a strong team who are passionate, dedicated, professional and loyal with clients’ legitimate rights and interests.


KAV Lawyers is a prestigious law firm in the legal services market in Vietnam, the place providing reliable and effective legal services to Clients. Simultaneously, KAV Lawyers is a highly qualified law firm providing legal services for foreign investors, expats in Vietnam, especially in the fields of investment, trade, enterprise and dispute resolution.


The mission of KAV Lawyers is to accompany Clients, help Clients to prevent legal risks, protect legal rights and solve legal problems and disputes of Clients in the best possible way; together with Clients to achieve constantly good value ​​for success and sustainable development (“Keep achieving value”).


With devotion, professionalism, efficiency, compliance with the Code of Code of Conduct and Ethics for Lawyers, KAV Lawyers provides legal services based on the following core values:

  • Knowledge: Knowledge is power. It is a combination of professional knowledge, expert skills and rich experiences in legal practice that lawyers and associates of KAV Lawyers have practised and accumulated into basic core values, based on that to provide legal services to Clients.
  • Attitude: All people of KAV Lawyers support Clients with the best positive attitude, professional, dedication, loyalty for the legitimate interests and rights of Clients.
  • Vision: Like the law must be predictable, lawyers advise and solve cases of Clients must have a vision to anticipate and evaluate possible legal issues, based on that to provide advice, strategies to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Clients in the best possible way. With a team of well-trained, experienced and visionary lawyers and associates is one of the core value ​​of KAV Lawyers.


As a local law firm, KAV Lawyers and our lawyers are member of Vietnam Federation Bar, Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association and Vietnam Lawyers Association.

Towards international standards in practising law to meet requirements of international clients as well as strongly integrating in global legal profession, KAV Lawyers and our lawyers are active members of international legal profession organizations, such as: International Bar Association (IBA), the Law Association for Asia and the Pacific (LAWASIA), Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA), The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CiArb).


KAV Lawyers is honored to be interested and trusted by hundreds of clients from Vietnam and around the world.

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